Tired of Costly, Damaging Leaks in Your
Mobile Home Plumbing System?
PDF Catalog
PDF Catalog
Our immediate service area covers the following VA counties, services are available outside of this area but may be
subject to additional travel charges.
Montgomery, Pulaski, Floyd, Giles, Craig, Patrick, Henry, Franklin, Roanoke, Bland, Wythe, Grayson, Tazwell, Smith
Service is also available in parts of west virginia, & north carolina.
Let Us Repipe Your Freshwater, Potable
Water Pipes with PEX Tubing!
What are the Advantages of PEX Tubing?

PEX Stands for Cross-Linked Polyethylene,
and Has Many Advantages Over
Polybutylene (PB), Copper, and CPVC Pipe.  
The Advantages of Lawson Mobile Home
Supply Replacing Your Mobile Home's Pipe
with PEX Include:

  • We use red for Hot lines and blue for Cold lines
    making them easy to identify. 3/4" Lines are used for
    trunk lines and 1/2" lines are used for take off's, often
    improving water volume.
  • PEX tubing is more energy efficient than copper or
    CPVC pipes.  PEX tubing has a higher R-Value
    keeping your hot water lines hotter longer.
  • PEX Tubing will expand up to 300% of its size without
    damage, which reduces the potential for frozen lines
  • PEX  Tubing has smooth interior walls that resist
    mineral deposits.
  • PEX is more resistant to water hammering.
  • PEX tubing makes easier connections, requiring no
    cleaner, glue, or solder.
  • Shut off Valves are added at each faucet and toilet. 1/4
    turn valves are used on Kitchen Faucet, Lavatory
    Faucets, and Toilets.  These valves use traditional
    braided supply that are easy to find, and make faucet
    & toilet repairs simpler.  In-line shut offs are used on
    faucets supplied through walls (tubs & showers)
  • Options for Washing Machine, Ice Maker, Dishwasher,
    and Outside Frost Proof Spigot Hook Up are easily
    added or upgraded.
  • Shut Off Valve is added at Water Heater.
  • All bottom board incisions are repaired
  • Great time to add expansion tank, back flow preventer,
    main shut off valve and heat cable.
PEX 1/4 Turn Valve